Chapter 20 : Human Nature


When you meet someone for the first time you judge him.
When you talk to someone for the first time you judge him.
When you see someone for the first time you judge him…

And it is normal, for most people will tell you not to do that. But everybody does that. I do that. I truly think it is part of our human nature. But how many people will go beyond that?

We met many people here in Senegal. Some people perfectly dressed, others dressed like bums ans some others dressed like they were going to invade poland. Truth is the first impression works like a mask.

The man we met near a restaurant perfectly dressed only wanted our money. The other one poorly dressed was sincere. Sometimes it is the opposite i’m not saying we can’t judge people by their appearances. A man who talks like a burglar can be a burglar.

Talking is like the air around your house, it can blow in all directions like a sweet breeze on your cheek or like a tornado on the field but it is not the house.
Here in Casamance we met many good people. These people we’ll never see in books or TV. They make the world better but nobody see, everybody takes it for granted. As I’m travelling on the road and inside my heart I truly respect them. I learned on myself and I thank them for that.

Sometimes I’m disappointed to see people talking to them and staying the same. They act like they are better but their mind’s already been tamed. They despise them as their French is not fluent. To all these people I just want to

« I don’t care about the form I care about the message. »

Robert NAI

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